Ex-UAW President Gary Jones sentenced to 28 months in federal prison

Prosecutors say Jones was involved in a multifaceted scheme from 2010 to 2019 to steal from members along with six top union officials, including aide Edward “Nick” Robinson and former regional director Vance Pearson.

Among the abuses, prosecutors allege that Robinson supplied about $60,000 to Jones that included $15,000 improperly taken from the UAW Labor Employment Training Corp. From 2010 through 2017, Jones deposited a portion of the money he received from Robinson into one of his personal accounts, according to the charges against him.

In 2015, the feds allege, Jones ordered more than $13,000 worth of cigars from Gary’s Sales in Arizona “in large part” for the use of UAW Official B, whom The Detroit News identified as Williams.

The purchase included 12 boxes of Ashton Double Magnum cigars, worth $268 per box, and Ashton Monarch Tubos cigars, worth $274 per box.

In 2017, the feds allege, Jones, Pearson, Robinson and others spent $539,608 on multiple golf resorts and hotels. They also spent more than $290,000 on condominiums, lavish restaurants, golf green fees, cigars, spa services, clothing, musicals, amusement park tickets and other luxuries.y

As part of the scheme, Jones also stole money from the UAW’s Midwest Community Action Programs.