Destiny 2 Expansions Forsaken And Shadowkeep Are Both Available Now On Xbox Game Pass

Destiny 2 has just expanded greatly for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. The game’s two major expansions, Forsaken and Shadowkeep, are both available now for subscribers, making the entire Destiny 2 experience a part of Game Pass.

The two expansions add new story missions, planets, weapons, and much more to Destiny 2, and let you level up your guardians to a much higher Light level. If you’ve only dabbled in Destiny 2, these expansions will let you dive deep.

Destiny 2 went free-to-play some time ago, but these expansions have cost money since they launched. The next expansion, Beyond Light, will also be available on Game Pass on the day of its release, November 10.

The game will fundamentally change with the release of this expansion, with several planets and activities being removed when it arrives.

Since Destiny 2 features cross-save, Xbox Game Pass subscribers who have played the game elsewhere might want to migrate over to Xbox if they have not played the expansions yet–or if they don’t want to pay extra for Beyond Light when it releases.

We reviewed Forsaken and Shadowkeep, and both received an 8/10. Check out both reviews below.

In other big Xbox Game Pass news, Microsoft has bought Bethesda–and all of its upcoming games will go right to Game Pass.

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